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Organic Sweet Potato


A unique, 100% sweet potato dog treat that is cooked, sliced and air-dried. Its unique chewing texture promotes healthy teeth and fresh breath. Made from cooked, sliced, and air dried sweet potato. It is 100% natural without any chemicals, preservatives or additives.

Registerd Organic in Europe

Sweet potato is a rich source of beta-carotene which promotes bone growth and tooth development and helps maintain healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes. Sweet potato also provides twice the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A and more that one-third of the requirements for vitamin C, as well as being an important source of vitamin E, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, calcium and fibres.

   Dr Chew is 100% natural, containing no animal by-products and  preservatives.
    nutritious, fat free and high in dietary fibre.
   Dr Chew is fully digestible to reduce blockage problems.
   a great alternative to raw-hide.

Analysis: Crude Protein 4%, Crude Fat 0.5%, Crude fibre 5%, Moisture 15%.

Regular pieces - 450g